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furnishings to bring color into your home

Are you tired of the same old browns, tans and beige colors in your home's decor? Are you in the market for some new furniture for your living or dining room? There are so many beautiful options for you to consider that will bring some bright, refreshing colors into your home. This blog will show you several ways to bring color into your home with the addition of new furniture and accessories. By the time you read through everything here, you will have many great ideas that will give your home the bright and inviting look that you want it to have.

How To Best To Protect Your Upholstered Furniture

21 October 2018
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If you have some lovely upholstered furniture that you would like to make sure that stay in great shape for a long time, you will want to consider using the following advice. This way, your furniture will be as good as new many years from now. Put Scratch Guards On The Corners Cats are great companions for many people but they like to scratch on furniture and this can really destroy the value and appeal of it. Read More …

Special Event Bar Rental Ideas

10 September 2018
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If you're planning an upcoming adults-only special event and are serving alcoholic beverages such as cocktails, beer and mixed drinks, consider renting bar furniture to give the party an authentic feel. Not only will the professional-quality furniture look good, it will come in handy throughout the event as well.  An easy way to add interest to an adult party is with rented furniture, including bar stands for serving, as well as comfortable stools that will make guests feel like they're enjoying a night on the town. Read More …

Modern Conference Table Considerations

15 August 2018
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If you are looking for a modern conference table, then you want to make sure you end up with one that is going to prove to be perfect for your needs. If you end up purchasing the wrong conference table, then you may find that you are unhappy with it for a variety of reasons, and this can make it so your business meetings don't go quite as smoothly as you would like them to. Read More …

Why Modern Furniture Can No Longer Be Considered “Boring”

31 May 2018
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At one point in time, if you had mentioned contemporary or modern furniture to most people, then those same people would have replied that they found such furniture "boring," "sterile," or "stiff and unattractive." However, today's modern furniture has come a very long way from its original theme and design style. In fact, there are numerous design styles that fit under modern and contemporary furniture. Here is why this category of furniture can no longer be considered " Read More …

Five Tips To Help You Choose A Sofa

10 May 2018
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When designing your living room, one of the hardest items to choose will always be the sofa. There are just so many factors to consider, from how the sofa coordinates with your home design, to how comfortable it is to sit on. To help ensure you choose a sofa that meets all of your needs, follow these five tips. 1. Choose your size wisely. Even the most beautiful sofa can look horrible in your space if it is too big or too large. Read More …