Types Of Recliners

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Types Of Recliners

26 July 2017
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When it comes to relaxing, comfortable pieces of furniture, recliners often come to mind. These specialized chairs are available in many different colors and styles and often present different comfort options. If you are planning to purchase a new recliner, you may not realize that there are multiple types from which to choose.. Here are a few of them to help you in your selection process:

Recliners That Rock

Some recliners both recline and rock. These are handy for people who enjoy the back-and-forth motion of a rocking chair but still want a chair that reclines. New parents often favor these, since they can help with soothing a crying baby and then permit both parent and child to rest comfortably.

Recliners That Fit Flush With the Wall

Some recliners can recline without monopolizing the space behind them. These types of recliners are great options for rooms that are very limited in space. When wall-hugging recliners are not in a reclining position, they tend to sit in a very straight position, making it easy for the sitter to rise from the seat with little effort. In addition, these types of recliners sometimes offer additional options, such as the ability to sit higher or lower, based on the needs of the person using the chair.

Lift Chair Recliners 

Some recliners act as lift chairs. They include a motorized function to push the chairs upward and make it easier for a sitter to rise to a standing position.

Lift chair recliners are often recommended for people who have a condition that limits their ability to stand up easily after sitting, such as individuals with knee problems.

Massaging Recliners

Massaging recliners may include rolling, vibrating or shiatsu massage mechanisms. For many rmassaging recliners, the massage option is limited to the area of the recliner on which your back rests. However, some of these chairs include massaging capabilities in the seat of the recliner as well. Heat is another popular option for massaging recliners.

Standard Recliners

If there was a recliner in your home when you were growing up, it may have been a standard recliner. These recliners don't offer many additional bells and whistles, but they don't sacrifice comfort either. In addition, they are available in many different styles, including comfy traditional chairs, more formal wingback chairs and chairs in sleek, contemporary styles.

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