Furniture You Need For A Baby's Room

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Furniture You Need For A Baby's Room

3 October 2017
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Having a baby is a wonderful life-changing experience. You've bought all the clothes you think your new little one will need, now all you have to do is furnish the baby's room. This may sound like a daunting endeavor at first, but remember this: you only need to take care of the basics right now.

Here is a list of the furniture items you need for your baby's room right away. Buying just these essentials now will help you prepare for the baby's birth without overwhelming your family:


There are so many different styles of cribs on the market. Some cribs can be converted into toddler beds as your baby gets older, while others come with an attached changing table or set of drawers for storing baby items.

A basic crib may be all you need when you first bring your new baby home. Invest in a durable crib with an adjustable rail to make changing easier, and stick to hypo-allergenic mattresses that are easy to clean.

If you plan on using a changing table to dress and care for your baby, invest in a multi-use crib. This type of purchase allows you to have access to all the changing furnishings you need without having to buy more than one piece of furniture. Your furniture retailer can help you choose the best crib for your needs and budget.


A tall dresser with enough drawers to house your baby's clothing and diaper accessories is all you need when your baby is young. When you buy a dresser for your baby's room make sure you also invest in wall accessories that allow you to affix the dresser to the wall so your baby doesn't accidentally tip it over on themselves when they begin to crawl. Your furniture supplier can help you locate the fixtures that make your dresser safer.


A chair in the baby's room is for you or your significant other so when rocking the baby to sleep or feeding time, you have a comfortable place to rest without taking your baby into another room. Consider a glider or lounge chair, whichever brings you the most comfort for taking care of your little one.

Window Treatments

Window treatments should be simple and designed to block out the sun's rays. You don't need any curtains that hang to the ground (they become a pulling risk later as your baby ages). Consider black-out curtains for your baby's safety from the sun's UV rays, and as a bonus, these curtains keep daylight at bay so your baby can rest during the daytime without interruption.

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