Five Tips To Help You Choose A Sofa

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Five Tips To Help You Choose A Sofa

10 May 2018
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When designing your living room, one of the hardest items to choose will always be the sofa. There are just so many factors to consider, from how the sofa coordinates with your home design, to how comfortable it is to sit on. To help ensure you choose a sofa that meets all of your needs, follow these five tips.

1. Choose your size wisely.

Even the most beautiful sofa can look horrible in your space if it is too big or too large. Just because a sofa fits against a wall does not mean it's the right size. If you have a big, 20 x 20 foot living room, then you want a large sofa so it does not look overwhelming. But for a small, 10 x 10 living room, only a small sofa will do.

2. Pick the back shape that coordinates with your style.

You'll find sofas with rounded backs and square backs. This is perhaps the most important design element to consider when trying to coordinate your sofa with your home's decor. If you have a more modern home, a straight or square-backed sofa is a better choice. For a more traditional home, however, you want a sofa with a rounded back and softer lines. For transitional designs, you can go with either. 

3. Stay away from patterns.

Patterned couches go out of style so quickly. A plaid cough might be stylish one year, and then look hopelessly outdated the next year when floral sofas are "in." Your best bet is to choose a solid color, so you don't have a sofa that looks silly in a few years. Consider using your sofa as an accent piece in a different color from the rest of the room. For example, if your living room is mostly neutrals, a sky blue couch may look stunning!

4. Sit on it.

These days, it can be tempting to just browse and order everything online. However, you really need to sit on a sofa before you buy it. Something that looks plush in picture may be really hard in person. 

5. Consider how you'll use the sofa.

Do you think someone may sleep on the sofa from time to time? Then buy one that pulls out into a bed or that is wide enough to accommodate a sleeping friend. Do you plan on having friends over to watch TV and eat pizza on the couch? Then one that wipes clean may be ideal. There's a sofa for every lifestyle!