Why Modern Furniture Can No Longer Be Considered "Boring"

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Why Modern Furniture Can No Longer Be Considered "Boring"

31 May 2018
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At one point in time, if you had mentioned contemporary or modern furniture to most people, then those same people would have replied that they found such furniture "boring," "sterile," or "stiff and unattractive." However, today's modern furniture has come a very long way from its original theme and design style. In fact, there are numerous design styles that fit under modern and contemporary furniture. Here is why this category of furniture can no longer be considered "boring."

Multiple Styles for Multiple People and Personality Types

If you absolutely love aluminum, steel, straight lines, geometric shapes, and black and white, then the original contemporary style is all for you. Yet, there are many people who do not like this or that aspect about the original concepts of contemporary or modern design. For them, they want geometric shapes, but not straight lines. or they love black and white, but not the metal touches. That is why furniture and interior designers took the original concepts and mixed them up a bit, and/or removed different design aspects. Now consumers are pleased with the results because they can enjoy modern or contemporary furniture their way.

More Comfort Is Added

While many of the same design principles have remained the same for these types of design, one thing that is new is more comfort. Everything looks more inviting and more comfortable. Mattresses are softer and less angular, beds can be modified for adjustable mattresses that alter the flow of the modern and contemporary design, and simple touches, such as rounded, lathed "feet" for the bed and matching dressers or nightstands have been added.

When you view the newer forms of modern and contemporary furniture, you see less of the "hard" lines and more softened features. A lot of quilted padding, headboards, and button quilting have been added to the furniture designs. Colors have also been blended and softened; you no longer have to accept just white and black when there are several shades of gray and the occasional pop of red.

Modern Shifts Into Contemporary for Blended Design

Contemporary design has become synonymous with any furniture made in the last fifty years. Oddly enough, how contemporary furniture looks in one decade is not how it looks in the next. Stranger still is the mind-meld of modern with contemporary, creating a more unique design flow that is anything but boring.

Now you have furniture that is made of wood combining with furniture that is made of padded quilting and metal. One such "sub-type" of this blended design is referred to as "shabby chic," wherein contemporary furniture is made to look simultaneously old and worn but is combined with modern elements like a metal lamp base and all white finishes. Headboards for this look may be either wood or padded quilting, showing further how these design elements have evolved.

The New Modern and Contemporary Styles Fit Well with Eclecticism 

If you are the type of person that does not want to hold fast to any one type of pure interior design, you are considered "eclectic." Eclecticism is a movement that allows for free-flowing ideas and design models, which all appear to blend together, regardless of where the ideas come from or the style of design. The new and contemporary styles of furniture fit exceedingly well with this movement. That means that you cannot go wrong with how you design each room of your home, nor with the furniture pieces you select. Seeing as there are no hard-and-fast rules under eclecticism, you can pick whatever you like to mix and match for furniture and decorative elements to create interesting and inviting spaces.