Special Event Bar Rental Ideas

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Special Event Bar Rental Ideas

10 September 2018
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If you're planning an upcoming adults-only special event and are serving alcoholic beverages such as cocktails, beer and mixed drinks, consider renting bar furniture to give the party an authentic feel. Not only will the professional-quality furniture look good, it will come in handy throughout the event as well. 

An easy way to add interest to an adult party is with rented furniture, including bar stands for serving, as well as comfortable stools that will make guests feel like they're enjoying a night on the town. No matter what your party-planning budget is, you should be able to find rental furniture to instantly elevate the look of any celebration space, from casual backyards and country barns to elegant ballrooms and country clubs. 

Bar rentals are ideal for any adult party, such as anniversaries, bachelor parties, bridal showers, birthday soirees and college graduation celebrations. You can also use the pieces to set up an adult-only area at a family holiday gathering.

You can find bar rentals to coordinate with any event venue theme, as they're available in rustic distressed wood and even modern mirrored finishes, among several other designs. The cost of renting the specialty furniture items will most likely be considerably less than purchasing the pieces.

Here are some special event bar rental ideas to choose from:

1. Bar Stands

The most important piece of any bar set-up is the stand, from which you can mix and serve drinks to party-goers. Most stands feature shelves for storing alcohol and related items, including glasses and stirrers, and may even accommodate a mini refrigerator.

As a fun twist, choose a bar stand featuring a chalkboard finish so that you can write special messages such as "happy anniversary" or "congratulations" followed by the celebrant's name. You can also use it to list the cocktail menu.

Consider placing padded stools next to the stand so guests can comfortably mix, mingle and wait while their drinks are prepared.

2. Bar Carts

If you plan on walking around the event offering drinks to guests, a rolling bar cart will come in handy. Typically featuring two large shelves, a handle and wheels, a bar cart is ideal for holding small bottles, napkins and glasses.

You can also set up several different bar carts throughout a large party venue to accommodate all guests. Give the portable bars festive touches with themed decor, such as seashell-shaped LED mini lights or tropical flowers with wire stems, both of which you can wrap around the carts' sides.