Buying A New Sofa? Avoid These Mistakes

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Buying A New Sofa? Avoid These Mistakes

23 July 2019
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A new sofa is more than a piece of furniture. It is the focal point in your living room or den and the place where many family memories are made. With all the styles, colors, and sizes available, purchasing the right sofa for your needs and budget can be tricky. Here are a few common sofa-buying mistakes you need to avoid.

The Sofa Doesn't Fit

You purchased an amazing sofa and you're ready to enjoy it with your family. Unfortunately, when you move the sofa into the living room, there isn't enough floor space available or the sofa is obviously too large for the space. There are two easy solutions for this common problem: measure the room and the couch and create a simple drawing of the room and the furniture you already have.

Bring the measurements and the drawing to the furniture showroom. Measure the couches to determine if it will fit comfortably in the room. Remember to measure all the dimensions of the couch, including the width and the height. Some couches are wider than others and will take up a lot more space in the room than you might realize.

The Sofa Isn't Durable

Sitting on a sofa is the best way to tell if it is comfortable and meets your needs. Unfortunately, resting on the sofa for a few minutes doesn't tell you if it is durable and will last for several years. Here are a few ways you can test the durability of a couch:

  • Check the springs. Lift up the cushions and feel for the springs under the frame. The springs should be spaced close together and be very tight. If the springs feel loose, broken, or are even poking out from the fabric lining, consider a different model.
  • Feel the arms. Gently push and rest on the arms. The arms should be sturdy and tightly attached to the rest of the sofa.
  • Test the frame. Feel the entire frame of the sofa. Just like the arms, the frame should be sturdy and not have any damage.

Examine the upholstery and cushions as well. The upholstery should be quality and have no rips or tears. Choose a sofa with firm cushions. After repeated use, the cushions will soften. If the cushions are too soft when you purchase it, they will quickly become flat and uncomfortable.

If you are in the market for a new sofa, such as an Alenya sofa, remember to avoid the common mistakes that buyers make, including purchasing a sofa that is too large for the room.